Purchase / rental / lease of real estate

Buying and selling real estate is a very demanding job. As a rule, you encounter it occasionally and it is a very significant event in your daily life. It is not realistic to expect that as an individual you are always educated enough for all aspects of this job and that you can realize them on your own, without the danger of making a mistake.

Since these are usually large values, mistakes can be costly.

As with the sale, the situation is similar when renting or leasing real estate.

That is why we recommend that you hire experts with many years of experience and tradition for this job, and we will successfully do everything necessary for you and with you.

In doing so, we will inform you in a timely manner about all actions taken and required, check all necessary documentation, advise and guide you "step by step" throughout the procedure, organize and prepare all necessary documentation, pre-contracts and agreements, register and successfully complete the work.

In our work, we work daily with law firms, architects, builders, energy certifiers, appraisers, court interpreters and translators, and all the other professionals you may need in this business.

Procella real estate