Development and sale of real estate projects

From the very beginning until today, we have been successfully dealing with real estate in the entire Republic of Croatia, but also abroad. Many years of experience and many successfully realized sales / rentals, leases of all types of real estate are a guarantee that you have chosen the right associate as our potential client.

Good knowledge of the real estate market, trends and price movements, characteristics and specifics of parts of the city, availability of infrastructure, quality of construction and maintenance of real estate, allow us to, after a careful inspection of real estate, we can give a very accurate opinion about the market value of your property.

The market value of a property is the estimated amount for which the property could be exchanged
on the valuation date, between the willing buyer and the willing seller, in a market transaction
conditions after appropriate advertising, with each party acting in an informed, prudent manner
and without coercion (definition: Law on Real Estate Valuation in the Republic of Croatia).

For the purpose of obtaining a loan from a bank and appraisal of your real estate by a court expert or a certified appraiser, we will recommend our reliable associates with whom we work every day.

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